Saturday, 21 January 2012

Chocolate florentines

Appearances can be deceiving. Take these for example. These were a disaster. I would say an unmitigated disaster, because that does sound rather dramatic, but I did manage to salvage at least 5.

16 beautifully formed mounds of almonds, pecans and cherries went into the oven. A giant bubbling puddle of caramel and nuts came out. Cue a frantic Emily muttering "No no no no no no no you dicks" while she tried desperately to prod them back into some kind of circle.

So, no recipe for these babies, because I wouldn't want to inflict that kind of stress on anyone. Does anyone else get stressed when baking goes wrong? My best friend still laughs at me for the time two meringue mixtures failed on me and I had to go have a lie down because I felt ill.

They still tasted good though.


  1. Well nobody would know this was a baking disaster from looking at your photo! They look lovely, I've never tried making florentines before.

    I also suffer from baking stress. That's why there are no macarons on my blog, I'm too scared to make them as I don't know what they would do to me!

  2. I've had many a baking strop! These look yummy though! x

  3. I wish to know more about this because it actually catches my attention. Keep on posting valuable information about recipes and healthy food! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. This looks completely delicious and beautiful too! Raspberries are one of my favorite baking ingredients! :-)