Friday, 25 November 2011

Hazelnut macarons with nutella

I love hazelnuts. I do. They are, hands down, my number one nut. And it is my love for these tricky beauties which lead to me, at 11am on a Friday morning, peeling the tough skins off each one individually. I wouldn't do that for pistachios, mind.

But aren't they beautiful? And I've finally figured out the trick to making macarons in my very strange oven - the Italian method. It may be more difficult, yes, and it may require the use of a stand mixer and sugar thermometer, yes, but you can't argue with results.  Recipe after the break.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Festive treats

I am in my absolute element this time of year. Nothing gets me more excited than the prospect of themed food. Ghost meringues for Halloween! Toffee and chocolate apples for Bonfire night!

The feeling of achievement when you finally break through the hard toffee layer to the juicy apple within is, in my head, likened to hitting oil. "I'm in!".

Recipes after the break