Monday, 19 December 2011

Laura Ashley Tea & Biscuits

The lovely people at Laura Ashley sent me some of their new tea and biscuit range to sample, and I have to say, I had high expectations due to my love [and large collection] of Laura Ashley homeware, and I wasn't disappointed.

Beautifully packaged, and the breakfast tea even came with a silver tea strainer! I'm a sucker for tea accoutrements. How many tea strainers does one person need? At least four, by my reckoning.

So, delicious crumbly orange and choc chip biscuits [which I've eaten most of myself. Oops.], fragrant loose tea leaves, and a laaaaaavly tea-for-one teapot that tops it all off nicely, don't you think? The prices range from £4 to £25 for the teapot, and they'd make a fab gift for mothers/aunts/best friends/me [hint hint]. I'm hoping they come out with some tiny espresso cups soon!


  1. That tea set is so sweet, anything floral I will love! I agree about the espresso cups, its hard to find cute ones.

  2. Hi Emily, just wanted to let you know that I've passed a blog award on to you over at my blog. I've used one of your beautiful photo's, hope thats ok. Happy New Year!! x

  3. hi where can I get this set? I've been looking everywhere for it!!