Tuesday, 16 August 2011

tomato & rosemary beurre noisette tart

'Rustic' is the key word here. Very rustic. So rustic, in fact, that it bears no resemblance to the image I had of it in my mind, when I dreamt it up one boring lecture. Still, browned butter, rosemary, a dash of truffle oil and pastry = delicious any way you slice it.

This is, of course, B.T. As in before Trufflapocalypse, in which I spill half of my expensive bottle of truffle oil all over the inside of a cupboard and have to mop it all up *sob*.


  1. Nice cooking ideas :) I'll follow this blog of you, too.

    Nice greetings ♥

    Looona Lou


  2. Even if I've just eaten your blog posts never fail to make me peckish!!
    Fiona x