Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Toffee butter caramel sauce

  Toffee. Butter. Caramel. If there were ever three words to make you shiver with longing, those would be them. Warm it up with milk and spoon over ice cream. Use to fill cupcakes and macarons. Flavour frostings with it. Spread it on toast. Eat it with a spoon.

  The limits are only as far as your mind can reach. Translation: by God it's tasty. I've been asked by my flatmate to hide it in the fridge because it's tempting her every time she opens the door. I know how she feels. Recipe after the jump.

Toffee butter caramel
150g caster sugar
25ml water
75g butter, room temperature and diced
75ml golden syrup
150g dark brown sugar
200ml double cream

Start with the caster sugar and water in a pan - swirl around until the water is mixed in with the sugar, then put over a high-medium flame and wait. Wait and swirl - don't stir otherwise crystals will form, and it's a massive faff to wash off spoons. Wait until the sugar turns a deep amber colour, this does take a bit of nerve as your brain keeps telling you it's burning, but that amber colour is what gives it the caramel-y taste.

When you reach this point, take it off the heat and add the butter, golden syrup, brown sugar and cream. The mixture will bubble up, and you'll probably find strands of hard sugar in it. This isn't a problem, just pop the pan back over a low-medium heat and stir until the sugar melts back into the caramel.

Use as it is, or pour into a jar and let it cool to a more solid consistency. Try not to eat too much of it.

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