Friday, 1 July 2011

Turkish delight

Hello dear readers - I'm back from my sojourn to Turkey! I came back bearing shisha pipes, Turkish coffee and boxes upon boxes of Turkish delight - which I am of course aiming to give away, but will most likely eat myself. At least one box has been reserved for an Arabian Nights-themed dinner party - how lovely does that sound?

So I'm back, and full of inspiration and motivation for cooking, imagining slow cooked spiced lamb with couscous, elderflower Turkish delight, hazelnut praline Paris-Brest....all to be accomplished after I move flats. Hauling two vintage typewriters, two sewing machines, a suitcase full of LPs, and a pasta machine up three flights of stairs is not something I'm exactly looking forward to.


  1. looks simply...delightful! aha :)

  2. Thanks for a reminder, I have totally forgotten those Turkish delights :)