Sunday, 12 June 2011

PB&J cupcakes

Ridiculously decadent, I know. I made up for it with a semi-light and healthy dinner [details to come - it was DIVINE.] It's also my victory cupcake, for my very successful car boot sale venture this morning. I went in with nowt but a few bob in my pockets, and came out with a a beautiful selection of antique cutlery - some of which I have no idea what it's used for - some scallop ramekins, a lovely little plate and some antique medicine bottles. One man's trash is another man's treasure, I guess.

This darling little cupcake [my decorating skills are improving, aren't they?] was inspired by my ever-patient flatmate. I say ever-patient because I am not the tidiest of cooks, as she well knows, so I tend to buy her off with cake. We'll see how long that lasts. PB&J is, of course, peanut butter and jam, a very common sandwich combo in the 'ole US of A, although I have no idea who first thought the two would go together.

This is a vanilla cupcake base, with bramble jelly filling and peanut butter frosting and chopped peanuts. The recipe will be in my upcoming app [which I will complete soon. I hope.]

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  1. Their cupcakes are very tasty and sweet! I miss eating their vanilla cupcake. But then my cosmetic dentist in New York told me I can't eat too much sweets now because I just recently had dental implants.