Monday, 13 June 2011

Earl Grey & elderflower butterfly cupcakes

A little frivolity in a day otherwise filled with tedious revision [I joke, I've not even started for the day]. I don't normally like Earl Grey tea all that much, give me a cup of English breakfast any day, but it does lend itself well to this delicately scented combination.

Earl Grey tea was originally named after the 2nd Earl Grey, former British Prime minister, so it's no wonder really that it's long been associated with 'Britishness'. Elderflower cordial has a strong association with Victorian times, and has been reported to have been drunk as far back as during the Roman Empire - so I present to you an elegant, quintessentially British cupcake. With butterflies on.


  1. Wow looks gorgeous - I have had a hard day at work and would love a treat xx

  2. This seems like it would be amazing! Very cool blogs you have!

  3. What are the butterflies? Rice paper? This cupcake is divine!

  4. Yep, rice paper! I just stamped them out with a craft stamper I had lying about [I'm such a cool 21 year old], thought they looked lovely.

    A bit of an unusual flavour combo, my flatmate refused to try one, but I thought they were delish!