Friday, 17 June 2011

Cafe Andaluz - review

Cafe Andaluz, 77 George Street, Edinburgh

A tapas-style restaurant with a swoon-worthy interior. Ceramics and beautiful vases abound, and a skylight manages to capture the reticent Scottish sunlight to great effect. I went for lunch, which was £9.95 for 3 plates of tapas - more than enough for any glutton. Couscous-stuffed aubergine, seared scallops with creamed leeks and crisp serrano ham, braised pork cheeks in red wine - HEAVEN. I've never had pork cheeks before! Admittedly heavy fare for lunch, especially when paired with a large glass of wine, but the good thing about tapas is the variety available.

A high point was the waiter switching seamlessly from a Scottish accent to a Spanish one, when presenting our dishes [does anyone else feel like a dick when they read out their meal choices in the appropriate accent? I do it anyway.], who then sidled up to us later to ask where my friend's ring was from - an absolute sweetie.

All in all, fabulous and prompt service, an amazing choice of food at very reasonable prices, and good portion sizes. I always worry about portion sizes at tapas bars, quite needlessly in this case - not to say I didn't finish it all. Purely for the benefit of the review, of course. If you're in Edinburgh, make a visit.


  1. Nice to read you´ve had such a good experience in a Spanish restaurant not located in Spain. I´m Spanish and I have to say that not always it ´s like that, many times they offer tapas or typical dishes that it really doesnt look or even taste like a real spanish one, at least I can notice it, but´s a pity cos sometimes what they do is pull the leg of costumers, and take much money for a "non really spanish speciality". I guess this happens when the business is not run by a spanish person, if he/she is spanish "should" offer quality. I´ve been to a spanish place abroad just once in life and the experience it was bad! (London), I´ve never been to Edinburgh yet but if sometime I visit and I feel the need of tasting spanish food I´ll go for sure. Greetings.

  2. I can imagine it's very frustrating for you to visit all the chains of tapas bars like La Tasca! I'm sure Cafe Andaluz is run by someone Spanish - you can tell by the quality of the food.

    I'll always remember the tapas I had in Barcelona - arroz negro and caracoles - we just can't compete!

  3. Exactly!and to avoid "surprises" that´s why I don´t go, plus I preffer to try the local food when I´m abroad.
    I live in Germany and here I also eat good and I find yummy things, but I miss Spain so much in the "gastronomy" or simple things such as do my shopping in a "Mercado" , find fresh fish every day, here´s impossible!
    Anyway, caracoles!Brave!... u love it or ate it! The sauce I´m sure it´s great but caracoles, dont know...not my world! What about "Haggis"?
    I´m back to Spain for a week in July and I can´t wait to eat a decent paella on the sea side....
    Enjoy the weekend!