Thursday, 9 June 2011

black forest cupcakes

Of course the first thing I do when I've got to revise is bake. I mean, I passed my end of year exams and all, but I've still got a resit from way back when I crippled myself with a sharp grapefruit tin. Standard.

Black Forest gateau isn't actually named after the Black Forest mountains in Germany, but after the kirsch that they make in that region. This all makes a lot more sense if you speak German, but to me, whose German extends to phrases not to be used in polite company, it's all Schwartzwalderthis and Schwartzwalderthat. 

These dinky little cupcakes [not actually that dinky when you try to fit one in your mouth - use a fork] are chocolate cupcakes, filled with Morello cherry jam, topped with Chantilly cream, chocolate shavings and a fresh cherry. The fruit content is maaaaaybe enough for you to justify it to yourself as healthy. Or not.


  1. oh yumm,I´d kill to get one of those cupcakes. Congratulations for your blog. Greetings from Germany :)

  2. can you give me the recipe?

  3. Bonnie Jo - the recipe's going to be in my app, which is coming out soon, but it's easy enough to make with your favourite chocolate cake recipe. Just fill with cherry jam, and top with sweetened whipped cream!